Representation of interests in court

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Representation of interests of citizens, foreigners and legal entities in the courts of Ukraine

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Representation of interests in the courts of Ukraine

Justice in all aspects of life is a distinctive feature of the rule of law. There are countries that have not yet become fully legal, while declaring such a desire. Ukraine also belongs to such countries. Naturally, the question arises – who and in what way can determine what is fair and what is not. In any civilized society, such a body is the court. It is often impossible to defend your rights without representing your interests in court. And, naturally, it is better when these questions are entrusted to professionals.

Judicial protection

Of course, there are claims to the judicial system, often, unfortunately, well-founded. At the same time, everyone understands perfectly well that the judicial system is a necessary arbiter that maintains the balance of interests in society. Everyone has the right to apply for judicial protection of their interests. This right applies equally to protecting interests in disputes with other individuals or legal entities, and protecting against illegal actions of the state.

How to win a case in court

The right of everyone to independently represent and defend their interests in court. However, if your goal is to win the case, the right decision is to get a lawyer who specializes in representing interests in court to your side.

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Representation in court – only lawyers

In Ukraine, the principle of “lawyer’s monopoly” has been introduced to represent interests in courts. This means that today only a lawyer has the right to represent interests in court. This makes it possible for the client to understand that his protection is entrusted to an understandable person with legal education, work experience and who has passed a certain selection. Also, by contacting a lawyer, you can, in the future, collect your costs, or part of the costs, for legal assistance from the losing party. This is essential when dealing with minor issues or fines where the attorney’s fee is higher than the value of the claim. Thus, the access of ordinary Ukrainians to justice has been significantly simplified.


Legal advice, representing clients in court

If you decide to entrust the representation of interests in court to a lawyer, the first stage of cooperation will be a preliminary consultation. This is the most important stage on which, by and large, the entire outcome of the case will depend. The client’s task is to come to the consultation prepared – to provide all the documents at his disposal and to state the facts as accurately and concisely as possible. The task of the lawyer will be to assess the prospects of the case, and, possibly, to form a legal position. If both parties are satisfied with the results, you can sign a legal assistance agreement and start working.

“… Important ! The decision on the case is made only by the court, guided by its own inner conviction. No decent lawyer will ever give a 100% guarantee of a positive result. If you are guaranteed a result, then either there is a corruption component in the case, or you are simply misled….”

Hennadii Laguta

Attorney, Managing Partner of the Attorneys at Law ” Magisters “

Representation in courts of general jurisdiction

If you understand that your rights have been violated in any way, or there are reasonable suspicions that with a high degree of probability you can become the object of close scrutiny of the judicial system, we suggest contacting Magisters Law Firm for assistance in matters of representation in court. Thus, you will receive a number of competitive advantages in comparison with your procedural opponent:

You will be provided with all the rich theoretical and, most importantly, practical experience in representing interests in courts; Full comprehensive analysis of the situation and the formation of a legal position on the case; Collecting the necessary evidence in the case, if necessary; preparation of necessary, legally significant documents; Representation of the client’s position in the courts; If necessary, preparation of appeals and cassation complaints, as well as applications to the European Court of Human Rights;

From the above, it becomes obvious that hiring an experienced lawyer to represent your interests in court provides an opportunity to change the balance of power during the trial in your favor. Also, by submitting correctly formulated and formalized arguments in court – to persuade the opinion of the court in your favor. Well, and as an end result – to get the desired decision in court.

Representation services in court

The lawyers of our law firm are ready to represent your interests in courts, practically, in any of the possible categories of cases. But it should be borne in mind that for each of the categories of cases, there are peculiarities.

Representation in civil court

Civil cases are perhaps the most common category of cases. Civil cases can be conditionally divided into property and non-property disputes. Civil litigation is trying to follow the path of reducing the presence in the courts. The main focus is now on the exchange of documents between the parties outside the framework of court hearings. Given this trend, the ability to correctly formulate a thought on paper, knowledge of the procedure and other formal elements come to the fore. Hiring a competent lawyer to represent your interests in civil proceedings significantly increases your chances of winning.

Protection of interests in criminal courts

Criminal cases represent a special category of cases for a lawyer. For reasons understandable to all, the stakes in criminal proceedings are extremely high. Any mistake can become fatal and lead to extremely negative consequences. The participation of a defense attorney in criminal cases requires from him the maximum level of knowledge and training. You also need to take into account that when people become the object of criminal prosecution, they get a certain stress. This makes it impossible for an impartial analysis of the facts and the development of a balanced legal position. It should be noted that even lawyers, in the event of criminal prosecution, always involve colleagues to protect their interests. Needless to say, there is a need for an ordinary citizen to seek legal assistance.

Representation of interests of a legal entity in court – участие адвоката в хозяйственном процессе

Most business entities have their own legal departments or individual lawyers in the state. However, when it becomes necessary to conduct a serious, voluminous trial, in most cases, our own forces are not enough. This is either due to a lack of qualifications of in-house lawyers, or due to a lack of such staff. In this case, our lawyer association can come to the rescue. We will close any voluminous commercial dispute with our lawyers. It is also important that we are ready to implement an integrated approach to your process and represent the interests of your company in related areas of law.

Protection of interests in the administrative process

The risks of self-representation of one’s interests in an administrative process are significantly lower than, for example, in a criminal one. However, the negative consequences are quite serious. First of all, they are determined by the ever-increasing amounts of fines applied in the form of a sanction. There are also quite unpleasant restrictive measures, such as a ban on the right to drive a vehicle. You can avoid serious troubles for yourself by involving a lawyer to protect your rights.

Pre-trial settlement of disputes

Despite the fact that, for obvious reasons, the court and participation in court proceedings is the main source of the existence of lawyers, it cannot all be reduced to the courts. Out-of-court dispute resolution often provides excellent results. Such a settlement is allowed both in resolving conflict situations with individuals and in relationships between legal entities. the presence of a lawyer in the out-of-court settlement of a dispute helps, first of all, in terms of strengthening your position in negotiations. On the other hand, a lawyer will not allow infringement of your interests when concluding an agreement that defines the terms of an amicable agreement.

Representation of interests in courts price

In accordance with the norms of the law, the only possible form of remuneration for a lawyer for the services of representing a client’s interests in court is a fee. The fee can be either fixed or determined in the form of an hourly payment for services.

possible payment for a comprehensive solution to the issue – starting with the provision of advice and ending with the received court decision, and in some cases, subsequent work, for example, with the executive service; or a possible option with payment for each separate procedural action;

The amount of the attorney’s fee for representing interests in court naturally differs depending on the branch of law, the complexity of the process and a number of related points.

Fixed fee

In this case, the amount of the fee is determined for a comprehensive solution of the issue – starting with the provision of advice and ending with the received court decision, and in some cases, subsequent work, for example, with the executive service;

Civil procedure

200 $

criminal process

500 $

Administrative process from

300 $

A one-time lawyer’s fee, that is, the fee for one action can be

100 $

Criminal process

100 $

Criminal process

100 $

Administrative process from

80 $

Criminal process

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