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The start of any enterprise begins with the registration of a legal entity. The further success of your enterprise depends on how verified and legally competent this first step will be. Ukraine is moving towards a gradual liberalization of the business environment. First of all, this concerns the issues of opening and registering legal entities. However, the process of starting a business is still not easy. The main questions and problems arise at the stage of preparation of constituent documents. Magisters Law Firm will provide you with corporate lawyers who will accompany the entire process of opening and registering your company.

Registration of legal entities

Physical person – entrepreneur
( PPE )

Often chosen for small and medium-sized businesses.

Limited Liability Company
( LLC )

The most common type of legal entity in Ukraine.

Public organization
( PО )

Association of citizens based on common interests.

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The procedure for registering a legal entity

preparation for the registration process

The stage of preparation for the start of the registration process can be conditionally divided into two stages:

  • the stage of determining the main provisions of the future legal entity

At this stage, the entrepreneur gets acquainted with the peculiarities of registration. It is also determined with the form of doing business, its directions. Determines the composition of the founders, the name and address of the company, the types of activities and a lot of other, fundamental points necessary for the further registration of a legal entity. In order to resolve these issues as carefully as possible, the best solution would be to obtain an initial consultation with a lawyer on corporate matters. The consultation will be extremely useful even if you decide to carry out further registration yourself.

  • the stage of directly preparing documents

After you have decided on the key issues of registering your future enterprise or organization, it was the turn of the paperwork. You need to prepare a package of documents that meets the legal requirements in relation to the legal entity you have chosen. For most legal entities, except for FL-P, such a package will consist of:

  • Registration applications of a specific form*;

*Sample application forms can be downloaded from the website of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine;

  • Of the charter of an enterprise or organization, certified by the signatures of the founders and stitched;
  • Minutes of the meeting of the founders (participants) of the company or the decision of the founder;
  • Copies of passports and tax numbers of participants;

passports must be valid at the time of submission of documents – photos of 25, 45 years old are pasted in, if the passport is in the form of a booklet and is valid for an ID-card

If the registration process is carried out by a representative, it is necessary to provide a power of attorney for the right to carry out registration actions.

Legal entity registration rules

When preparing documents for registration of a legal entity, you must also take into account:

The Commercial Code of Ukraine sets requirements for the constituent documents of the legal entity being created. It should reflect data on the form of the company, the governing bodies of the company and the competences that are provided to these bodies. It is important to indicate which of the key points requires a unanimous decision of the participants. It is also imperative to indicate the range of issues for the solution of which a qualified majority of votes are required. It is also necessary to determine the circle of participants in the society, the size (share) of their participation in the society.

At the moment, in Ukraine, the use of model charters developed by the Ministry of Justice is available. This is a simplified standard charter that can be used by any aspiring entrepreneur. You just need to inform about the desire to carry out your activities on the basis of the model charter in the application. However, based on practice, we would not recommend using a model charter due to its stereotyped nature. Each enterprise has its own characteristics. The relationship between the founders is also special. And in order to make your business the most durable, and the relationship of business owners to be even, you need to create a charter taking into account all the features.

It should be noted that the registration of public organizations and political parties does not provide for the use of model statutes. this option is available only for companies.

Opening a legal entity

So, you have prepared all the documents and formed a package for registration. Now you need to transfer a package of documents for registration and entering data into the register of legal entities. State registrars are directly involved in the registration of a legal entity and its entry into the register of legal entities, but it is impossible to contact them directly. Rather, it is possible only if you submit your application online. If you are submitting documents in paper form, then you must submit the generated package of documents in this way:

You can contact the center for the provision of administrative services and submit a package of documents there. Please note that not all centers provide this service. Before submitting, you should clarify the possibility of contacting the selected center.

A package of documents can be submitted through a notary. Not all notaries want to deal with the registration of legal entities. most likely you will need to contact several of them before you find someone who will accept your documents.

The pros and cons of both methods of filing documents for opening a legal entity can be attributed to the fact that you will have to pay a certain amount for the services of a notary, but you will be spared the queues usual for centers for the provision of administrative services.

It should be noted that registration of public organizations is carried out by contacting the territorial body of the Ministry of Justice

After applying for a ready-made package of documents, the documents are checked for compliance with the requirements, after which all documents are scanned and sent to the registrar. The applicant receives in his hands an inventory of the accepted documents with an indication of the registration action code.

If everything was done correctly, then as a result of consideration you will receive an extract from the unified register. In the event that errors are found, the documents will be returned to eliminate the shortcomings. After matching, you can re-submit the revised document.

Registration of a legal entity in which the founder is a foreigner

If the founder of the legal entity is a foreigner, the process will not fundamentally differ from the usual one. It will be necessary to track whether the foreigner has a tax number. In case of absence, you must first obtain it, since without it, the participation of such a foreigner in economic activities is impossible. Further, you will need to translate the foreigner’s passport into Ukrainian, with notarization of the translator’s signature. It should also be noted that a foreigner can be appointed to the position of director, as well as to any other position in his enterprise, only if he has a permanent residence permit in Ukraine. In all other situations, the foreigner will be required to additionally obtain a work permit in Ukraine.

If the founder is a foreign legal entity, it is necessary to provide an extract / certificate from the register of the country of origin on registration. Such a document must be legalized in accordance with the established procedure for use in Ukraine: apostille stamp or consular legalization.

Additional stages of registration of a legal entity

tax accounting

To carry out registration with the tax authorities, more recently, it is possible within the same process with the registration of a legal entity. In the forms for registration, certain fields and columns are filled in and the registrar, together with the registration, sends data to the tax authorities about the form of taxation you have chosen. If you have not yet decided on the desired form of taxation, you can not fill in these columns, but contact the tax office later.


Previously, a mandatory element of a legal entity – a stamp, is not relevant today. Legislatively removed the requirement for a legal entity to have a stamp. Moreover, it is prohibited to require, for all government agencies, stamps from business entities. But many continue to make prints to give more weight and an element of solidity to their businesses.

Bank account

Opening an account is a mandatory element for any business entity. Most community and charitable organizations also need to open an account. The full requirements for this process depend on the bank you choose. The minimum package of documents usually provided to the bank:

  • A copy of the order on the appointment of a director;
  • Copies of passports and inn of the director and founders;
  • A copy of the order for the director to take office;
  • Cards with sample signatures;

As we can see from all of the above, the process of registering a legal entity is still difficult for a person who first encountered this process. For confidence in the result it is best to entrust it to professionals!

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