LLC registration

LLC registration

Limited Liability Company

Registration of LLC in Kyiv and Kharkiv

Consulting on registration of an LLC, preparation of a complete

package of documents: Articles of Association, Constituent Protocol,

registration forms, registration by proxy

State registration of a Limited Liability Company in Ukraine

Registration of a limited liability company, abbreviated as LLC, has always been popular among Ukrainian entrepreneurs. It does not lose its popularity today. The overwhelming majority, more than eighty percent, of enterprises being opened in Ukraine are LLCs. The remaining twenty percent account for joint stock companies, additional liability companies and others. It is also important to note that foreign business in Ukraine also willingly uses the LLC form. In Ukraine, all appeals to state bodies are carried out exclusively in the state, Ukrainian, language. LLC in Ukraine is called “Tovarstvo z obmezhenoi vidpovidalnistyu”, abbreviation TOV. Often spoken language uses & nbsp; turnover – registration of a limited liability company, an analogue of registration of an LLC.

The popularity of the Limited Liability Company is connected, first of all, with the fact that the participants are not liable for the obligations of the company with all of their property, such as individuals – entrepreneurs or a company with additional liability. The liability of the participants or participant of the company is determined solely by the amount of his contribution to the authorized capital of the company. Recently, the minimum amount of the authorized capital is not legally limited and is determined at the discretion of the owner.

We must not forget that such a form as LLC is not suitable for all types of activities. For example, the activity of pawnshops cannot be carried out in the form of a limited liability company. Therefore, in order to avoid mistakes at the initial stage of activity, it will be correct to enlist the support of a corporate lawyer.

Open LLC

For a successful start of your enterprise, it is important at the preliminary stage, before starting the registration process, to determine, for yourself, a general concept of the future business. Having created such an understanding for yourself, it will be much easier for you to start, and, most importantly, to correctly form your future enterprise. Naturally, such a task will be difficult for a novice entrepreneur. It is logical in such a situation to entrust the preparation of the package of documents to specialists.

The corporate lawyers of the Magisters Attorneys at Law are ready to provide you with practical assistance in the preparation of statutory documents and legal support at all stages of registration of a Limited Liability Company in Kyiv and Kharkiv.

We will help you:

 At the initial stage, we will advise you on all issues related to the registration and subsequent activities of limited liability companies in Ukraine.

  • We will help you form the concept of your future business;
  • We will take upon ourselves the preparation of a complete package of documents for registration of an LLC;
  • We will check the name of your future company for uniqueness;
  • If necessary, we will implement state registration of LLC;
  • We will perform all the necessary accompanying actions: opening an account, registering with the tax authorities, etc….

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LLC registration procedure

I. The first step in setting up an LLC is always to identify the key points. :

 List of participants

At this initial stage, aspiring entrepreneurs, as a rule, have already decided with whom they will open a joint business. As already noted, the number of participants in a limited liability company can be from 1 to 100 participants. This means that an entrepreneur can become the sole owner of his own business.

Distribution of shares in LLC

This stage follows logically from the previous one. After determining the composition of the participants, it is necessary to determine the size of the authorized capital of the company as a whole. Based on the total amount of the authorized capital, you can determine the size of & nbsp; the contribution of each of the participants. According to the size of the contribution, the shares in the income of the enterprise will also be determined. The authorized capital can be formed both with the help of financial means and property.

Название ООО

Next, you define the name of the LLC. The legislator has certain requirements for the name of the enterprise that must not be violated. These requirements include a ban on the use of names that are identical to the names of state bodies of Ukraine, legally prohibited names, and the like. It is also extremely important to remember that the name of a limited liability company cannot be the same as the name of another company. In addition, the LLC must have a name in the state, Ukrainian language. However, this does not prevent it from additionally having a name in any other language. LLC can also have an abbreviated name both in Ukrainian and in other languages.

Activities of the enterprise

The next step should be to determine the types of activities of the enterprise. All types of activities of the LLC chosen by the founders must be checked for compliance with the KVED. At this stage, you need to be careful about the wording and numerical designations. Especially if you plan to carry out activities that require additional licensing.

Legal address for LLC registration

Next, you need to determine the legal address of the company. The address must be indicated with a real one, since in the future correspondence will come to it. Also, in the absence of the enterprise at the specified address, the state authorities may have serious suspicions of the fictitiousness of the enterprise. This will entail a number of negative consequences in the future. If you wish, it is possible to register an LLC in a residential building. An acceptable option is registration of an LLC at the home address of the founder.

Appointment of the head of the LLC

Also an important point is the appointment of the head of the enterprise. This can be either one of the participants in the enterprise or a third-party, contracted person. The director of the enterprise will organize and control all the streaming activities of the company in the period between the meetings of the participants. Therefore, the choice of a candidate for this position must be approached with special care.

II. The second stage & nbsp; – we prepare documents for registration of LLC.

The constituent documents of an LLC are a strictly established list of documents that must meet a number of legal requirements and which is submitted for the state registration of an LLC.

List of documents for opening an LLC:

1. Minutes of the general meeting of founders of a limited liability company.

All of the above, key issues of organizing the activities of the future enterprise during the meeting of the founders. All decisions made at such a meeting are drawn up in the form of minutes.

2. LLC Charter

In connection with the entry into force in 2018 of the Law of Ukraine “On Limited and Additional Liability Companies”, the requirements for the charter of an LLC were minimized. Of the mandatory requirements, only:

 The name of the society in Ukrainian, full. All other variants of names, abbreviated and full in other languages, are indicated at will; Management bodies of the LLC, their powers and the procedure for making decisions; The procedure for accepting new members and the procedure for leaving the company;

Thus, information about the composition of the participants and the distribution of shares, the types of activities of the enterprise, the legal address are no longer mandatory for prescribing in the charter of the LLC.

However, the requirements of the Economic Code of Ukraine have remained, where the requirements have been preserved to indicate in the charter of the LLC information defining the types of activities of the enterprise, the composition of participants and the distribution of shares. Thus, there is a certain legal conflict in this matter. It follows from this that the address of the enterprise is really better not to be indicated in the charter. This is due to the fact that the address can change quite often. This will require amending the charter, and the procedure, in this case, is not very simple. As for specifying the types of activities, the composition of participants and the distribution of the size of shares, it will be correct to indicate them in the charter of the LLC.

The prepared charter of the LLC is signed by all founders and the signatures are certified by a notary. In this case, the charter is stitched.

Recently, it became possible to register an LLC on the basis of the so-called “model charter” developed by the Ministry of Justice. In this case, there is no need to develop your own charter. It is enough just to put a tick in the corresponding column of Form 2 for registration. However, if you are in the mood for long-term work, you need to create your own charter. In it, in contrast to the template, you can provide for all the slippery moments of your business, which will avoid problems in the future.

3. Application, form 2 for registration of a legal entity.

The application form can be downloaded from the website of the Ministry of Justice and filled in both by hand and in typewritten form.

4. Copies of TIN of all members of the limited liability company

5. If the registration is done not by the founders personally, then a notarized – certified power of attorney is needed to the representative.

Registration of LLC with a foreign founder

Recently, foreigners more and more often open their own business in Ukraine. The main form of ownership of their enterprises in most cases is determined by a limited liability company. Corporate attorneys of our association are ready to arrange an LLC for you, even if you are abroad. To do this, we will send you the text of the power of attorney by e-mail, which a foreigner can issue at the consular office of Ukraine in his country of residence and send it to us. After that, we will independently arrange an LLC for you in Ukraine.

If a foreigner lives or is temporarily in Ukraine, he will be required to have a tax number and a translation of the passport document into Ukrainian with notarization of the translator’s signature. Otherwise, the procedure is almost the same as the usual procedure for registering an LLC.

If the founder is a foreign legal entity, then for registration it is necessary to provide an extract from the register of the country on the registration of the enterprise. This document can be issued in the form of a certificate, certificate, extract from the register or other document, in accordance with the laws of the country of origin.

Registration of LLC Kiev

Kiev is the capital of Ukraine, so naturally business activity here is higher than in any other city in the country. Therefore, the demand for the service on request – “registration of LLC Kiev” is very high. This also applies to ambitious start-up Ukrainian entrepreneurs and foreigners who want to start their business in the capital. Registration of an LLC, as you can see from our article, is not a simple process that requires a lot of time. If mistakes are made at the start, they may be followed by even greater losses of time and finances. Entrust the opening of your enterprise to professionals from our association and we will arrange a turnkey LLC in Kiev for you. While we will deal with the legal issues of registering a TOV in Kiev, you can devote your time to planning practical issues directly related to the conduct of your business.

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Registration of LLC Kharkov

Kharkov is the second largest city in Ukraine. The level of business activity of the population is traditionally very high here. This is due to both historical reasons and the geographical location of the region. One of the largest wholesale and retail markets in Ukraine is also located in Kharkov. If you want to run your business in Kharkiv, we offer to take over the process of opening an LLC in Kharkiv. The lawyers of our association will register an LLC in Kharkov as soon as possible. This will allow you to allocate time to solve other flow problems, which are many at the start of any project.

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