Bar Association


International Association of Advocates and Lawyers

with offices in the cities of Kiev and Kharkov

Bar Association “MAGISTERS”

It is an international association of lawyers and lawyers who have received their legal education from leading universities and have a degree of at least a Master of Laws.

All lawyers, lawyers and consultants of our association have extensive theoretical and rich practical experience in those areas of law that practice.

Our association focuses on the practice of criminal, family and immigration law. Also, the key area for us is the legal security of the business. We are ready to offer our clients copyright developments for complex legal protection .

I can assure you that the Magistr Law Firm will use all the opportunities, knowledge and experience that we have in our arsenal in order to protect your rights!


Сourt practice

Representation in courts of all instances. Protection of the interests of citizens, foreigners and legal entities.

Criminal proceedings

Criminal lawyer. Protection from criminal prosecution at all stages of the process.


Legal assistance to foreigners in Ukraine. Immigration lawyer services. Representation of interests.

Family Disputes

Family Dispute Lawyer will represent your interests.

Hereditary Disputes

Assistance in matters of inheritance registration.

Business Registration

A range of services related to business registration in Ukraine.

Legal protection of the agricultural sector

Agriculture is one of the most profitable sectors of the economy of our state. Unfortunately, many legal issues in the agricultural sector have not yet been fully resolved, which often causes conflict situations, both among participants in the agricultural production market, and between entrepreneurs and the state. Ukrainian agrarians often do not pay due attention to the legal security of their business, which can lead to financial losses, or persecution, by state bodies. Our law firm offers a full range of services in legal and accounting support for enterprises specializing in the cultivation of agricultural products.

Legal support for IT enterprises

IT business is the most actively developing sector of the Ukrainian economy. At the same time, IT is a fairly young business. These two factors: the speed of development and the novelty of most processes give rise to legal questions. Protection of IT business from unlawful attacks from the state, structuring IT enterprises, working with contractors and personnel, accounting – these are the main areas that need to be paid attention to in order for your business to be profitable and, importantly, legal. IT lawyers of the Magisters Law Association are ready to solve all legal problems for you.

Comprehensive protection for retailers

The retail market continues to develop despite all the difficulties. The business opens new points of sale, expands the assortment of goods, increases the staff, and so on. A special area of ​​interest is electronic commerce. Global trends tell us that e-commerce is the future and it is already important to take a leading place in this segment. Magisters Law Firm offers you a full range of legal and accounting support for trading companies. Our lawyers are ready to provide you with comprehensive advice at any time, analyzing the practical aspects of your company.

Legal consultation

Legal advice is the first and most important procedure for a lawyer to participate in any case. Consultation is equally important for both the client and the lawyer.

The client, in the process of consultation, receives answers to legal questions that faced him, and which were completely incomprehensible before. He also gets the opportunity to communicate with a lawyer, assess the level of professional knowledge. The client also gets the opportunity to convey to the lawyer his vision of the problem and familiarize with the facts and documents. Based on the results of the legal advice received, the client can decide on further cooperation with a lawyer, signing an agreement on the provision of legal assistance, or be content with the information received during the consultation.

For a lawyer, initial consultation is no less important than for a client. The lawyer gets the opportunity to listen to the problem, get acquainted with the documents at the client’s disposal, and immediately ask additional questions. A lawyer can outline a range of issues that require additional information. After assessing the range of tasks and the degree of complexity of the client’s order, the lawyer can make a decision – whether he is ready to take on the solution of the problem or protect the interests of the client, whether he has enough knowledge to succeed in the case.

Also, during the consultation, both the lawyer and the client determine the level of mutual psychological compatibility, the presence of which is a key factor in the successful solution of any legal problem..

Magisters Bar Assotiation employs lawyers who are ready to provide comprehensive information on legal issues that are part of the arsenal of our legal practices. !








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