Lawyer in Ukraine legal assistance and advice

Lawyer in Ukraine

Lawyer services to the cities of Kiev and Kharkov. Protecting your interests.

Representation of interests in all types of legal disputes.

Lawyer in Ukraine

A lawyer in Ukraine is a lawyer who carries out activities on the basis of and in accordance with the requirements of the Law of Ukraine “On the Bar and Advocacy”. A lawyer differs from a lawyer in higher requirements for obtaining status and increased control over the process of exercising a lawyer’s professional duties. On the other hand, a lawyer has incomparably great powers, which make it possible to solve legal problems of clients. For example, only a lawyer can represent the interests of a client in the courts of Ukraine.

The main tasks of a lawyer include:

Providing legal advice to individuals and legal entities with an explanation of legislative norms in Ukraine;

Providing legal assistance to clients in a legal way, performing any legal actions aimed at protecting his interests;

Providing the client with legal assistance in courts and in legal relations with state bodies of Ukraine;

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Lawyer Ukraine

Magisters Law Firm has offices in the largest regions of Ukraine – the cities of Kyiv and Kharkiv.

Lawyer in Kiev

You can find a detailed list of services provided by the Kiev office of Magisters Law Firm by clicking on the link. You can also order legal services there.

Lawyer in Kharkiv

If you want to get acquainted with the work of the Kharkiv office of the Magisters Attorney Association or you need legal assistance in Kharkiv or Kharkiv region

Lawyer services in Ukraine

Юридическая консультация

  • Conducting legal advice to both individuals and legal entities; & nbsp;
  • Legal assessment of various types of documents, contracts, etc.

Адвокат в уголовном процессе

  • Protection of the interests of citizens at all stages of the criminal process;
  • Representing the interests of the victim;
  • Protection of the rights of a witness;

Адвокат по семейным делам

  • Divorce;
  • Divorce from a foreigner, including abroad;
  • Determination of alimony;
  • Adoption procedure;
  • Establishing paternity;
  • Determination of the child’s place of residence;

Immigration attorney

  • Consulting on immigration to Ukraine;
  • Registration of a residence permit in Ukraine;
  • Confirmation of the child’s citizenship;
  • Work permit in Ukraine;

Inheritance cases

  • Representation of interests of heirs;
  • Registration of inheritance in Ukraine without presence;
  • Hereditary disputes;

Representation of interests

  • Representation and protection of the rights of individuals and legal entities in the courts of Ukraine of all instances, the national police, the Security Service of Ukraine, the prosecutor’s office, customs authorities, the migration service;

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