Immigration lawyer in Ukraine

Immigration lawyer

Immigration lawyer in Ukraine. Offices in Kiev and Kharkov.

Representation of interests in the State Migration Service of Ukraine.

Consulting on immigration to Ukraine.

Permanent and temporary residence permit in Ukraine.

Legal support in matters of obtaining citizenship.

Immigration lawyer

Immigration is a crucial step in the life of every person. Moving to another country with a different language, customs and other legal framework raises real concerns. Naturally, in this case, it is a desire to enlist the support of an immigration lawyer who will be able to accompany the entire process.

An Immigration Attorney is a licensed lawyer who specializes in immigration matters. An immigration lawyer is required to have in-depth knowledge of the immigration legislation of Ukraine, changes in the legislative framework and, which is very important – specific knowledge and analysis of law enforcement practice.

Also, an immigration lawyer must have related knowledge in the field of international law, family law, administrative and criminal law..

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Immigration lawyer Ukraine

The number of foreigners wishing to immigrate to Ukraine is increasing every year. Our country attracts with its openness, democratic structure, friendliness of its inhabitants. It is not surprising that many foreigners, especially residents of totalitarian states, want to move to Ukraine and obtain citizenship or apply here for a permanent or at least temporary residence permit. Despite the gradual easing of requirements for immigration to Ukraine by the state, immigration processes are still quite complicated.
The complexity of immigration issues is that a foreigner is forced to resolve his issues in the legal field of a new state for himself, whose legal system, for the most part cases differs from the usual. In some cases, the problem is presented by the language barrier – weak and insufficient proficiency in the state language, which does not make it possible to correctly determine the requirements in matters of immigration. You also need to take into account that in addition to all the well-known laws governing the process of immigration to Ukraine, there are a large number of by-laws and departmental instructions that regulate or explain the details of the immigration process.
An immigration lawyer will help you to understand this array of laws and instructions. the process of immigration to Ukraine, and, most importantly, it will carry out the whole process with a guarantee that you will receive the desired, positive result.


Immigration lawyer services


Includes a full range of services to support the process of obtaining a permanent or temporary residence permit.

Citizenship of Ukraine

Support and protection of your rights in the & nbsp; process of obtaining Ukrainian citizenship, both at the regional and state levels.

Child citizenship

Preparation of a package of documents and legal support in the migration authorities of the process of confirming the child’s citizenship .


Representation of interests in the competent authorities on the issue of obtaining or renewing a work permit for foreigners.

Change Card

Consultations, preparation of a package of documents and support of the process of replacing a residence permit for a period of time, loss or as unusable.

Registration of Invitations

Accompanying by an immigration consultant in issuing invitations for foreigners, as well as visa support when applying for a visa.


Services for foreign business in Ukraine

Business registration

A full range of services in matters of registration of foreign business in Ukraine: opening of LLC enterprises, FL-P, Joint-stock companies.

Registration of representative offices

Comprehensive paperwork for registration in Ukraine of a representative office of a foreign company.

Tax code

Registration of a tax number for a foreigner in Ukraine – registration is possible without the personal presence of a foreigner.


Services to citizens of Ukraine

International passport

advice on obtaining a passport, assistance in preparing a package of documents, assistance in processing.

Passport for permanent residence

Preparation of documents, consultations and legal support in matters of obtaining a passport for the departure of citizens for permanent residence.

Request for Documents

Requesting documents from archives and other institutions remotely, without being present in Ukraine, or restoring lost documents.

Protecting the interests of foreigners in the event of deportation.

The immigration lawyers of our association are ready to protect your interests in countering deportation from the territory of Ukraine. We have a wealth of practical experience in representing the interests of foreigners on deportation issues, both in administrative bodies and in courts..

Our assistance can be carried out both through consultations, including online consultations, and practically: preparation of applications and petitions, representation and protection of interests in the authorities of the border or migration service.

Representation of interests in matters of prohibition of the entry of foreigners

Entry to Ukraine for foreigners may be prohibited in cases established by law. However, government agencies often misinterpret certain provisions. This leads to a violation of the rights of foreigners.

If you have been banned from entering Ukraine or you are reasonably worried that you may be prohibited from entering Ukraine, enlist the support of an immigration lawyer. Most problems can be solved even remotely. If you are already denied entry, all is not lost. Our immigration lawyers have successful cases on lifting the ban on entry to Ukraine both in administrative and judicial procedures.

Protection of the interests of foreigners in the Migration Service

Often, ignorance of the laws of Ukraine or misunderstanding them leads to extremely negative consequences for foreigners. Violation of the law by a foreign citizen enables the immigration authorities to overturn previously adopted immigration decisions. This can be the cancellation of an immigration permit, cancellation of a temporary residence permit in Ukraine and other decisions with subsequent deportation and a ban on entry to Ukraine.

Such moments are especially unpleasant if the foreigner already has certain social contacts in Ukraine: wife or husband, children, friends, possibly work, etc. In this case, an immigration lawyer can help you, who, thanks to experience and understanding of immigration processes, will be able to find the best way out and cancel these decisions.

Immigration lawyer Kiev

Kiev, being the capital of Ukraine, traditionally attracts foreigners, including foreign business. Naturally, the main percentage of immigration cases is concentrated in Kiev. Law Firm “MAGISTERS” offers a full range of immigration services in Kiev.

Immigration lawyers of our association are ready to provide comprehensive support to foreign businesses or individual foreigners who find themselves in a difficult situation..

It will also be useful for you to contact our association for advice before arriving in Ukraine in order to optimize immigration processes..

Immigration lawyer Kiev – always ready to help you.

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Immigration lawyer Kharkiv

Kharkiv is the second largest city in Ukraine after the capital. In terms of the number of industrial enterprises and higher educational institutions, Kharkiv, perhaps, even surpasses Kiev. Based on the specifics of the city, the majority of foreigners are students from different countries of the world who study here.

An immigration lawyer is obliged to take this feature into account in his practice..

The main pool of immigration issues in Kharkiv is made up of issues related to the education of foreigners, administrative offenses, as well as immigration issues: temporary or permanent residence permit. Also, an immigration lawyer Kharkiv is often in demand in matters of registration and support of the processes of preparation and legalization of documents.

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