Family lawyer

Family lawyer

The dream of a marriage “in heaven” is completely unrealistic;

Over any lasting relationship between a man and a woman

you need to constantly work, build and rebuild, constantly updating them

due to mutual personal development.

Carl Rogers

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Family Lawyer

 A family lawyer is a highly qualified lawyer who has a certificate for the right to practice law in Ukraine, the details of which are included in the unified register of lawyers of Ukraine. This is what distinguishes a family lawyer from a lawyer. A family lawyer specializes in resolving disputes of varying complexity arising from family law. In particular, disputes: about divorce, about the division of property, about determining the place of residence of the child, setting the amount of alimony payments, as well as about changes: increasing or decreasing the amount of payments, acknowledgment of paternity, drawing up a marriage agreement (contract) and many other issues arising from family law.

Attorneys at law “MAGISTERS” offers you the services of experienced lawyers specializing in family disputes. We can safely guarantee you the high quality of the services provided, and the complete confidentiality of the information received..

All information and data received from the principal under no circumstances, except for the personal desire of the client, can not be disclosed to third parties!


Best Divorce Lawyer

The best lawyer will only be the one with whom you have a trusting relationship. Only by working as a single team, you can achieve the main result – victory. Full openness on the part of the client and knowledge, multiplied by the practical experience of a lawyer, can help to achieve the desired !

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Legal advice on family matters

Family law consultation makes it possible for a person to understand the full scope of his rights and obligations .

Naturally, if the client turns to a lawyer, he already has a question or problem that he does not know how to solve.

It is at the stage of consultation that he will be able to see a solution to his legal problem and agree with a lawyer on a further strategy for the case..

We can guarantee that consultation on family law issues will be as complete and accurate as possible with the norms of the current legislation of Ukraine.!

Традиционно создавая семью и мужчина и женщина преисполнены надежд на счастливое будущее и на то, что они смогут создать здоровую, нормальную семью – ячейку общества. И действительно, согласно статистическим данным за 2019 – 2020 годы разводов у нас в стране в 5 раз меньше чем вновь заключенных браков. Если вы попали в эти 20 % то вам, скорее всего, потребуется помощь семейного адвоката. И это мы затронули вопросы официальной статистики. Однако, в последнее время молодые люди не сильно горят желанием регистрировать брачные отношения и отдают предпочтение так называемым “гражданским бракам”. Это связано, скорее всего, с нежеланием слишком формализовать отношения. Но это спорное утверждение. Зачастую, в случае разрыва таких отношений, доказать некоторые факты становиться гораздо труднее, а в некоторых случаях, если прошло время и ситуация имеет запущенный характер – вообще невозможно. В таком случае самым правильным решением станет немедленное обращение к адвокату по семейным спорам за консультацией и, возможно, последующим оказанием правовой помощи и представлению интересов в государственных органах власти или в суде.

Ukrainian realities are somewhat different from European or American ones, where, traditionally, people seek advice from a personal lawyer before starting any important case. When the question & nbsp; As for the beginning of a long-term relationship, then turning to a family lawyer becomes simply mandatory, since it makes it possible to lay the correct, legally verified, foundations of the relationship. In Ukraine, people are in no hurry to seek advice from a family dispute lawyer. This is due to the peculiarities of the mentality of our compatriots, with the fact that most people are afraid that their partner may regard their actions as a manifestation of distrust. World experience, in turn, testifies to the opposite: turning to a family lawyer in the early stages of a nascent relationship makes it possible to build them on the basis of certainty, openness and demonstration of mutual respect and trust.

Family lawyer – field of practice

As mentioned above, a family lawyer will be an advocate and advisor in matters arising from family law.


  • Divorce consulting;
  • Legal support in the procedure for divorce by mutual consent of the spouses in the Civil Registry Office;
  • Representation and protection of the interests of one of the spouses in court on issues of divorce;


  • Determination of the amount of alimony payments in court;
  • Changing the amount of alimony payments;
  • Collecting alimony by obtaining a court order;
  • Representing interests in the executive service for collecting alimony ;

Child’s place of residence

  • Определение места проживания ребенка (с отцом или с матерью) ;
  • Determining and documenting the order of meetings (communication) of the second parent with the child;
  • Determining the procedure for the participation of grandparents in the upbringing of a child ;

Division of property of spouses

  • Representation of interests on the division of jointly acquired property;
  • Allocation of a share of one of the spouses;
  • Recognition of personal ownership of property acquired in marriage;
  • Seizure or removal of property from arrest;
  • Procedure for the division of debt obligations between spouses;

Establishing the facts

  • the formation of actual being in a marriage relationship;
  • Recognition of the marriage as invalid;
  • Obtaining permission to take the child abroad without the consent of the father ;

Draft contracts

  • Drafting a marriage contract;
  • Preparing a draft contract on participation in the upbringing and maintenance of a child;
  • Drafting an agreement on the termination of alimony payments after the transfer of ownership;
  • Preparation draft property division agreement ;

Divorce with a foreigner

An important segment of a family lawyer’s work is participation in family matters with a foreign element. The openness of the modern world, the availability of logistics and social networks lead to a constant increase in the number of marriages in which one of the parties is a foreigner. The difference in mentality and the difference in the legal systems of the countries of origin of the spouses can lead to all sorts of problems that can only be solved by an experienced family lawyer. Also, matters are quite difficult when both partners who decide to marry are foreigners. This usually applies to students studying in Ukraine. Often, questions arising in such situations require a deep knowledge of not only family but also migration law.

Features of the work of a family lawyer

Family disputes are a special category of disputes that have their own specifics and require a specialized approach to their resolution. This is due to the fact that in family disputes the process almost always moves from the material to the moral and ethical plane. The emotional component of family conflicts often significantly influences the decisions made by the parties. Often, emotions prevail over the voice of reason and overshadow the financial component. The moral and ethical side of the issue, under such circumstances, unfortunately, disappears altogether. The saddest thing is when children are the objects of blackmail or bargaining in such disputes. Parents, guided exclusively by personal grievances, completely forget about the rights and interests of the child, often inflicting deep mental trauma on him.

Aikido for Family Lawyer

The most correct solution in this state of affairs, proven by practice, will be the use of the mediation process.

 A lawyer in such a process involves a specialist in the field of psychology, as well as a mediator – an uninterested person whose task is to help spouses find a compromise that suits both parties, equally, a way out of the situation. The results of such an agreement can be recorded by means of an agreement, including a notarized one, which will serve as a significant step forward in the issue of civilized conduct of the divorce process. As an added benefit of this process & nbsp; the result can be highlighted that gives the ex-spouses the opportunity to disperse with a psycho-emotionally minimal degree of tension and, as soon as possible, forget about the past and begin to live, now, each with his own new life.

 Unfortunately, not in all cases the Client is ready to negotiate and go by way of compromises and mutual concessions. In this case, for & nbsp; a quick and effective solution to the issue in your favor, you need a family lawyer. The sooner the lawyer enters the process, the higher the likelihood of a positive result for the Client.

Family lawyer consultation

Consulting a family lawyer is an essential step in any family law process. The consultation gives the lawyer the opportunity to get acquainted with the Client’s problem, with his vision of his problem, and ask additional questions. The consultation also provides an opportunity to get acquainted with the documents on the case, which is very important for the correct formation of further legal position. Having full information on the case, the lawyer can form the correct legal position and familiarize the Client with it, who, in turn, can present his vision of the process to the lawyer. As a result of such actions, a final legal position can be formed, which is optimal both from the point of view of a lawyer and is completely satisfactory to the client. Also, taking into account the above-described emotional component of family disputes, at the stage of consultation, the Client and the lawyer have the opportunity to communicate personally and understand whether they will be able to work together. In family matters, the psychological compatibility of the lawyer and the client is extremely important. If you do not like a lawyer outwardly or you are annoyed by his manner of presenting information, doubts arise about his competence – in no case should you sign an agreement on the provision of legal assistance. The same applies to a lawyer. An experienced lawyer will always, already at the stage of consultation, understand that the client is not his. And it will be enough just to confine ourselves to the consultation and to complete the cooperation on this. If, according to the results of the consultation, the parties were satisfied with each other, then an agreement should be concluded and, probably, success will be guaranteed to you!

Family lawyer vs. family lawyer – where is the difference

For a long time, the institution of representing interests in family disputes allowed representation of interests in court on the basis of a notarized power of attorney, an authorized person who did not have the status of a lawyer, and, often, no legal education in general. From 2018 to 2020, as a result of the reform and the introduction of the institution of “advocate monopoly”, only a lawyer entered in the unified register of lawyers of Ukraine can represent interests in courts.

Also, the undoubted advantage of having a lawyer as your representative in court is the fact that the costs paid as a family lawyer’s fee can be, by court order, recovered by the opponent.

A family lawyer is bound by attorney secrecy. Family affairs, like no other, require strict confidentiality. If you entrust the defense of your interests to a lawyer, then all the information that the lawyer receives cannot be disclosed and transferred to third parties.

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