Registration of an individual


Consulting a lawyer on the registration of a sole proprietor,

selection of KVEDs, preparation of a package of documents

Registration of private entrepreneur

An individual – an entrepreneur, is, as the name implies, a person (individual) with full civil legal capacity and conducting economic activities. Individual entrepreneur in Ukraine is more often called FOP – the abbreviation is created from the Ukrainian “physical person – pidprimets”. We will also try to use this name to avoid confusion.

An individual, as a subject of entrepreneurial activity, has undergone a lot of changes in its name. It was a private entrepreneur (PE) and many people still use this name, which leads to the substitution of concepts with a private enterprise (PE) – the existing form of ownership for legal entities. The name of the subject of entrepreneurial activity – an individual was also used. Many, by analogy with the Russian, use the name individual entrepreneur.

So FOP is an individual, both a citizen of Ukraine and a foreigner, or a stateless person who realizes his opportunities and rights to work by conducting independent activities – the purpose of which is to make a profit. The sole proprietor bears the burden of possible emerging risks.

Attorneys at law “Madisters” offers you comprehensive legal services for registration of FOP Kiev and registration of FOP Kharkiv:

On – line

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  • Consulting a lawyer on the registration of a private entrepreneur,
  • Formation of a complete package of documents;
  • Selection of optimal types of activities in accordance with the Classification of Foreign Economic Activity;
  • A tax consultant will help in determining the optimal form of taxation for individual entrepreneurs;
  • Comprehensive legal support of the process of state registration of individual entrepreneurs;

Our lawyers and tax consultants are ready to represent your interests in all government agencies and carry out the entire range of necessary registration actions. We also offer on-line remote registration services. This is especially convenient for foreigners abroad or just businessmen who have no time to waste.

Registration of individual entrepreneurs – does it make sense?

Many people have come to the need to start their own business under the pressure of circumstances. most often, these are entrepreneurs who run their business selling goods or services over the Internet. Naturally, at the initial stage of their activities, the majority do not even think about the need for state registration as a subject of entrepreneurial activity. Understanding of such a need comes suddenly and, unfortunately, more often, under the pressure of external circumstances. Either the entrepreneur loses lucrative orders due to the inability to work with legal entities, or, worse, the regulatory authorities begin to show interest in him. We always advise our clients not to delay the state registration of their business activities. All funds invested in this will definitely return a profit.

Benefits of registering a private entrepreneur

  • The ability to work with legal entities, accept official non-cash payments;
  • Registering you as an individual entrepreneur adds reliability to your business in the eyes of partners – a legal entity is more trusted;
  • Your income becomes official, and this is an opportunity to receive loans, certificates of income and other interesting points that will help develop your business;

How to open FOP

The process of opening a private entrepreneur, or rather, its state registration, is not complicated. You will need:

Fill out Form 1 regarding the registration of a sole proprietor;

The main attention in the process of filling out the form should be paid to the list of types of possible activities. It is important to check all types of activities for compliance with the Classification of Foreign Economic Activity.

Provide copies of your passport and tax code;

Power of attorney, if the registration is carried out by an authorized representative.

Registration of FOP of a foreigner or stateless person

Foreigners, as well as stateless persons, can be registered as FOP in Ukraine. The main issue for a foreigner is the fulfillment of the requirement for permanent registration in Ukraine. Previously, this question was virtually insoluble. The fact is that permanent registration for a foreigner was possible only in case of obtaining a temporary or permanent residence permit in Ukraine. In principle, this is the case, however, the Ministry of Justice gave an explanation that the place of residence can be confirmed by a rental agreement. At the same time, in the overwhelming majority of cases, the period of uninterrupted stay in Ukraine for foreigners and stateless persons is no more than 90 days. Then you will have to leave Ukraine anyway. Therefore, if you are serious about doing business in Ukraine, you should take care of obtaining the possibility of permanent residence.

A package of documents for registering a foreigner as an individual entrepreneur

  • Application form 1
  • Translation of a foreigner’s passport into Ukrainian with a notarized signature of the translator
  • Copy of the tax number of the foreigner
  • A copy of the temporary or permanent residence permit (if any)
  • Copy of Form No. 13 (about the place of registration) or rental agreement

Consulting on registration of private entrepreneur

If you have made the decision to register an FOP, the best place to start is by consulting a lawyer on corporate matters. This will allow already at the stage of preparation for registration to receive answers to controversial questions and to optimize the registration process itself. You can also conclude an agreement on full legal support of the entire process of registering you as an individual entrepreneur. We are also ready to provide the services of a tax consultant to determine the optimal form of taxation. If necessary, we will help you in opening a bank account and in the manufacture of seals and stamps of the company.

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