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Criminal lawyer

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  • Guaranteed protection at any stage of criminal proceedings
  • Protection of the rights of the suspect, the accused
  • Detention, search, interrogation, notification of suspicion
  • Representation of interests of a witness, victim
In Ukraine, protection of citizens in criminal proceedings can only be carried out by a lawyer.

Criminal lawyer

A criminal lawyer is a person who has a higher legal education, who has received a certificate for the right to practice law and is included in the register of lawyers of Ukraine. The task of a criminal lawyer is to protect citizens of Ukraine, foreigners or stateless persons, as well as provide legal assistance to legal entities.

Attorneys at law “MAGISTERS” is ready to offer you the services of a criminal defense attorney to protect your interests in criminal proceedings. The need for the services of a criminal lawyer arises, most often, suddenly. Unfortunately, in Ukraine, in contrast to Western countries, the practice of a “personal lawyer” has not yet been developed, who solves all legal problems of a person or family, and with whom, accordingly, any legal issue that arises can be discussed. For the average person, a collision with the state’s persecution machine is a serious test, and often causes panic.

The best way out in such a situation is to enlist the support of an experienced criminal lawyer.!

Criminal lawyer services

Most people require a criminal lawyer at least once in their life. And it is not at all necessary that a person has committed an illegal offense. You may be invited to testify, as a witness, or, unfortunately, become a victim of illegal actions and defend your rights as a victim.

Assistance of a criminal lawyer

You have come to this page of our site because you probably have a question from the plane of criminal law, or you are looking for a worthy criminal lawyer. In such situations, every minute is precious and delaying the process can lead to unpleasant consequences.

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“…  Whatever procedural status you have, the right choice is to enlist the support of a criminal lawyer!…”

Hennadii Laguta

Advocate, Managing Partner of the Bar Association ” Magisters “


Criminal lawyer

The new Criminal Procedure Code of 2012 gives a criminal defense lawyer an incomparably larger arsenal of possible mechanisms for protecting the rights of citizens in criminal proceedings than it was before. Now criminal lawyers can more effectively protect citizens from unfounded accusations and resist the restriction of your legal rights and freedoms. Intellect and experience remain the main tools with which a criminal lawyer can resist the investigating authorities. With the help of these components, it is possible to build a logical chain, which in the future will be formed into a high-quality legal position, which, in turn, will serve as a confirmation of our client’s innocence.

Law Firm “Magisters” is ready to provide the best lawyers for criminal cases for the timely provision of legal assistance at any stage of criminal proceedings !

Defense of a suspect by a criminal lawyer

Unfortunately, in our reality, no one is immune from persecution by the state. And this persecution is not always associated with the real presence of guilt. Often, a person can be prosecuted as a result of an agreement, the dishonesty of individual law enforcement officials, or as a result of a banal mistake. Separately, one can single out the prosecution of business by law enforcement officers in order to obtain preferences. In such situations, you need to immediately begin to actively defend your rights.

Criminal lawyer, search assistance

The procedural basis for justifying the need for a search is the existence of reasonable grounds to believe that evidence of criminal activity can be found in the room where the search will take place: to find information, objects – instruments of criminal activity, or to find wanted persons.

The real reasons for the search in most cases differ from the declared ones. That is why law enforcement officers in most cases seek to conduct a search without the presence of a lawyer. This gives them freedom of action and the ability to abuse their rights. Naturally, this leads to a violation of the rights and freedoms of citizens.

Protecting your interests during the search process, a criminal lawyer:

  • verifies the content of the search warrant for compliance with legal requirements, must be checked: validity period of the warrant, address and other data
  • checks the compliance of the persons indicated in the decree, as persons entitled to conduct a search, with the persons actually present; often law enforcement officers, abusing their rights, send to conduct a search of persons who are not specified in the resolution
  • determines the exact list of items to be seized; law enforcement officers always strive to seize more items than indicated in the decision will not allow the presence of “attesting witnesses” on the part of the investigation;

The main advantage of the presence of a criminal lawyer at the search is the organization of the process of protection of rights in such a way that will make it impossible for “suddenly appeared objects” to appear in your home about the existence of which you did not even suspect before.

Criminal lawyer, assistance in detention

Everyone has the right to freedom, including freedom of movement. In some cases provided by law, this right may be limited.

From the moment a person obeying the will of a law enforcement officer, or as a result of the use of force, is forced to remain near him, such a person is considered detained. The person conducting the arrest is obliged to record his actions in a protocol, which must be drawn up right there on the spot. You must know and understand the reasons for the detention.

In practice, the above requirements are very often violated by the representatives of the law enforcement agency making the arrest. Illegal actions can and should be appealed, and officials who violated the law and violated your rights should be held accountable. A criminal lawyer will help you in this matter!

Criminal lawyer – assistance during pre-trial investigation

As in the previously described stages, the stage of pre-trial investigation requires the obligatory participation of a lawyer as a defender of your interests. The presence of a lawyer provides an opportunity to counter abuse by the prosecution.

Criminal lawyer:

  • conducting a comprehensive acquaintance with the case materials;
  • conducting our own lawyer’s investigation and collecting materials and evidence of the client’s innocence;
  • forming an optimal defense strategy for the client;
  • defining and recording possible violations by the investigation;
  • preparation and submission of the necessary statements and petitions;
  • appeal against illegal actions of the investigating authorities;

“…Demand an immediate meeting with a lawyer after you realize that you cannot dispose of your freedom as you see fit. And, importantly, before the first meeting with a criminal lawyer, do not say anything or sign!…”

Hennadii Laguta

Advocate, Managing Partner of the Bar Association ” Magisters “

Legal assistance to a criminal lawyer witness

The new Criminal Procedure Code of 2012 provides an opportunity for a person who is called in for questioning as a witness to enlist the support of a lawyer.

The law provides for a number of obligations for a witness in criminal proceedings: the obligation to appear to testify to the investigating authorities or the court, the obligation to truthfully answer questions asked, and so on. These duties are used by the investigating authorities in order to obtain maximum information from the witness, often even to the detriment of oneself.

A witness often does not know that, in addition to his duties, he also has rights, for example, the right not to testify about himself personally or family members, which can later be used against him or his relatives for criminal charges.

In order to be sure that the investigating authorities will not be able to abuse their position during interrogation and violate your rights during interrogation, the right decision is to enlist the support of a criminal lawyer.

As soon as you become aware that you are being called as a witness, you must immediately inform your lawyer. Timely contact will give you the opportunity to analyze the situation and prepare as fully as possible for the upcoming interrogation.

As soon as you become aware that you are being called as a witness, you must immediately inform your lawyer. Timely contact will give you the opportunity to analyze the situation and prepare as fully as possible for the upcoming interrogation.

Together with a lawyer, you can:

  • determine the legality of calling you for interrogation as a witness, as well as check the legality of such an action – after all, it follows from practice that already at this initial stage, the investigating bodies often violate the requirements of the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine and call a witness for interrogation with violations;
  • < li> comprehensively analyze the situation and draw up, together with a criminal defense lawyer, a plan of action during interrogation – to develop your legal position;
  • during the interrogation, the presence of a criminal lawyer next to you will give you the opportunity to feel confident, not to get confused if you are in doubt about the answer, you can always consult with a lawyer;
  • the presence of a criminal lawyer during the interrogation will make it impossible for the investigation authorities to exert moral or physical pressure on you;

Representation of the interests of the victim by a criminal lawyer

Unfortunately, in the modern world, not a single person can be protected from criminal encroachments. Even the most respectable citizen can face the “criminal world” and become a victim of a crime. Moreover, more often than not, it is these people who become victims of criminal activity. Protecting the rights of respectable citizens is the task of state law enforcement agencies. Unfortunately, the general degradation of state institutions has not spared law enforcement agencies either. The level of trust, for example, to the organs of the National Police, according to the data provided by the police itself, is about 48%. That is, every second resident of Ukraine does not trust the police. In reality, the percentage of citizens who do not trust the police is most likely much higher.

Accordingly, law enforcement agencies do not always fulfill their obligations to protect the rights of citizens with high quality and willingness. In this case, a criminal lawyer can come to your aid.

A criminal lawyer will help you defend your rights by:

  • conducting a preliminary consultation and determining a further strategy;
  • assistance in the proper execution of the application: it is important to understand that the procedural code imposes certain requirements on the form of filing an application for a committed crime and failure to comply with these requirements is grounds for refusal to accept it, even if errors are of a formal nature;
  • appeal, including in court, actions or, more often, inaction of officials; representing the interests of the victim in pre-trial investigation and in court;
  • assistance in matters of filing and accompanying a civil claim within the framework of criminal proceedings;

Criminal lawyer – services for business

The legal security of a business also includes a criminal component. Taking into account the legal realities of our state, it should be noted that the challenges faced by business are regularly changing. If earlier the main problem was raider seizures and conflicts of owners, now the state, or rather, officials representing the state, have become the main threat to business. Pressure on business in general and on top management of enterprises in particular has become common practice.

Criminal proceedings and searches within the framework of such proceedings can paralyze the activities of the enterprise and are intended to force the top management of the company to perform certain required actions.

.The main task of a criminal lawyer is to organize the process of legal opposition in such a way that the company can continue working processes and the activities of the company are not paralyzed. Also, a criminal lawyer is entrusted with the task of protecting the employees of the enterprise and the top management of the company from criminal prosecution.

Feel free to assert your rights !

Unfortunately, not all people who have come to the attention of the “Ukrainian Themis” promptly seek legal assistance from a lawyer in criminal cases. Some rely on free legal assistance from the state, others believe that their case is so insignificant that they will completely cope on their own, others think, on the contrary, that nothing can be changed in their situation.

Trying to resist the state machine on your own is not a good idea. Well-trained investigators, prosecutors and operatives will work against you. All of them have a lot of practical experience and stereotyped, proven methods that an ordinary person is not able to resist. For a person who has never encountered the law enforcement system before, such an acquaintance can generally come as a shock.

Timely appeal to a criminal lawyer will allow you to finish your case with the most favorable result for our client!

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